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RED Business Plus

RED Business Plus is a suite of plans ideally suited to customers with 6 or more employees. Red Business Plus now comes with One Net Express allowing you to benefit from the features of your office phone from your mobile.

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One Net Desk Phone

Keep your existing landline number & stay connected to your customers, suppliers and colleagues - all on one scalable phone system. You'll get:

  • Unlimited landline calls
  • Unlimited calls to Vodafone mobiles
  • 350 international calls & texts
  • All for just €30!


One Net Express


One Net Express combines the features of an office phone with the flexibility and freedom of your mobile, in one scalable cloud based phone system.

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One Net Express support


Need help setting up? Find answers to all your questions about One Net Express.

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RED Business


Get unlimited calls & texts & loads of international calls with RED Business. Perfect if you have less than 6 employees.

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