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Here's what you get with RED Roaming


Endless calls and texts


500MB* data a day

From €1.99 per day

*Daily data allowance will revert to 200MB on September 1st 2015

RED Roaming. Stay connected.

It's now even easier to post your holiday snaps from Berlin, check-in at the Eiffel Tower, or call your friends from Grand Canyon with RED Roaming from Vodafone.

Get endless calls and texts home plus 500MB* of data a day when you travel to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and other popular destinations, all from as litte as €1.99 a day.

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Get RED Roaming Freetext RED to 50020

Get RED Roaming Freetext RED to 50020

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Find rates and charges for your travels

Don't worry about your phone when you're travelling. Use our handy roaming tool below to check all the rates and plans abroad.

It's easy - choose your country and find out all you need to know.

Choose your country

Manage Your roaming plan

Using one of our roaming plans will save you money while you're abroad. You can manage these using My Vodafone. Choose bill pay or pay as you go below to login.

Get RED Roaming Freetext RED to 50020

Get RED Roaming Freetext RED to 50020

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On your phone

For our best value daily roaming rates, join RED Roaming to get endless calls and texts plus 500MB of data a day when you travel.

Internet on your phone abroad

On your laptop

Go online with your laptop or tablet while you're abroad with great value mobile broadband roaming.

Internet on your laptop abroad

Data spend caps

Make it easier to control costs using our spend caps and notifications for data roaming.

More about data spend caps

Data usage guide

Worried about data? Control data usage and reduce costs on your smart phone with this handy guide from Vodafone.

Learn about data

Coverage map

Check out all the European countries you can get great Vodafone coverage.

Data roaming coverage map

* From July 1st there will be a reduction in the Regulated Roaming rates across the EU. Find out more