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3G/GPRS data rates

Our standard rates for 3G and GPRS data services:

A note about these rates

Our rates are based on usage, or the amount of data you send and/or receive, rather than the amount of time you spend online.

Data is measured in kilobytes (kb). A kilobyte is the equivalent of 1,024 bytes, which is the standard used to measure units of data. One byte is equal to one character (for example, the letters GPRS are equal to four bytes).

We have a monthly Phone as a Modem data bundle which can be used instead of the default pay as you use option. The monthly bundle is charged per MB - or 1,024kb - for usage outside the bundle amount.

Your usage optionUsage limitPrice per monthPrice per MB outside bundle
Phone as modem10GB€24.79€0.02
Pay as you usen/an/a0.02c per kb (VAT inc) up to 512 kb / 0.001c per kb over 512kb*

Prices do not include VAT.

You'll be charged for a minimum of 10kb every time you make a GPRS/3G connection.

*The lower rate applies when you use more than 512kb in a single connection.