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Get Spotify Premium & extra data

What you'll get with Spotify Premium:

With over 24 million active users in 55 countries, Spotify is the world’s largest and most successful music streaming service of its kind, giving you instant access to over 20 million songs on your smartphone or tablet.

As a Spotify Premium customer on Vodafone, you can:

  • instantly access over 20 million top tunes with no ads
  • createyour own playlists and share with other users
  • discover new music through personal recommendations by Spotify Radio
  • listen to Spotify on any of your devices
  • sync playlists to your devices and listen offline

And with Spotify Premium with Vodafone, you'll also receive extra data, making it easy to stream music on the move.

How do I get Spotify Premium?


What if I'm already a Spotify Premium customer?  

You can still avail of our offers. When you sign up to one of our RED with Spotify plans or purchase a pay as you go Spotify bundle, cancel your Spotify subscription and on the day the subscription expires, use the link you received in the Vodafone confirmation SMS to sign up.

If you buy the add on, cancel your subscription and then sign up via vodafone.ie or text SPOTIFY to 50221 to get the link. You will not lose your playlists once you have cancelled your subscription, it will revert to the free service until you sign up via our website.

Can I use Spotify Premium on other devices?  

Yes. Spotify Premium can be accessed on tablets, PCs, Macs and Connect TVs. Simply download the app and log in with your Spotify details. Only one device at a time can stream content. When you log in, you'll be prompted to make that the main device.

Where can I go to download the Spotify premium app?  

Simply go to m.spotify.com from your mobile device's browser.

Is the extra data just for Spotify usage?  

No, the extra data that comes with the RED with Spotify plan or monthly add on, can be used for any internet usage.

Will Spotify use up all my data allowance?  

Spotify Premium allows you to download your playlists over 4G, 3G or WiFi and listen in offline mode so that you don't use up all your data allowance streaming. We have also added extra data to your Spotify Premium subscription.

Can I use Spotify Premium on any phone?  

Your phone will need to be able to connect to 4G, 3G or WiFi network to stream Spotify. Check your phone's full specifications if you are unsure about your internet connection.

Unfortunately, Vodafone Ireland do not support Spotify Premium on BlackBerry devices at present.

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