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RED Roaming

In Europe? With RED Roaming, use your phone like you would at home for just €2.99 a day. Bring all your usual calls and texts on holiday, plus get 100MB of data every day. Chat with your friends and family without worrying how long you'll stay on the phone, plus you'll always know exactly what you'll pay every day, so no more worrying about bills when you come home.

RED Roaming rates



Making & receiving calls


Sending & receiving texts



100MB included*

Additional usage

55c (inc VAT) per MB

*Usage limits apply


RED Roaming is available in these European countries.

How do I get these rates?

Price includes VAT

Terms and conditions apply

What will I pay on Vodafone Passport?

 Making callsReceiving callsTexts
UK & NISame per-minute rate as at home with no connection feeFree11c
All other Passport countriesSame per-minute rate as at home PLUS 79c connection fee79c only

11c from EU

30c from the rest of the world

All prices include VAT.

Remember, local promotions such as free calls and texts cannot be used while roaming.

Vodafone Passport rates apply in selected countries.

Opt in to Vodafone Passport

Vodafone Passport applies to voice calls made and received while roaming in a participating Vodafone Passport country. Calls made to a third country will be charged at Vodafone World rates. Text messaging is not included. Please note you cannot use your free Vodafone to Vodafone calls or free package minutes while roaming. Passport terms and conditions apply.

Vodafone World

If you haven't opted in to Vodafone Passport, or the country you're visiting isn't a Vodafone Passport country, Vodafone World – our default roaming price plan – gives you one simple anytime rate in each zone.

Vodafone World rates

 EuropeUSA & CanadaRest of the World
Making calls30c per min*€1.41 per min€2.02 per min
Receiving calls9c per min€1.41 per min€2.02 per min
Sending a text10c30c30c
Receiving a textFREEFREEFREE

*Calls within Europe only. Making a call outside Europe on this rate costs €1.41 per min

Vodafone World Europe rates apply in the EU and selected other countries.

Vodafone World Rest of World is available only in selected pay as you go destinations. 

Find your destination

Find the roaming rates that apply at your destination.

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