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It looks like you're on Vodafone Bill Pay

If you are currently a student on Vodafone Bill pay and out of contract, you can switch to Vodafone X in one of our retail stores.


1. Get your student ID


2. Find your nearest store


3. We'll set you up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vodafone X plans available for Vodafone Bill Pay customers?

No. Vodafone X plans are pay as you go plans only but if you prefer bill pay, whether you're a music lover, a sports fanatic or a social butterfly, we're sure you'll find a Vodafone Bill Pay plan to suit you here.

How do I sign up to a Vodafone X plan?

Existing Vodafone Pay As You Go customers can sign up by logging in through through Facebook. If you need to switch from another provider or you want to confirm you're a student without Facebook, head to any one of our Vodafone stores with a valid student ID.

Can I keep my current number?

Yes. Whether you are with Vodafone already or switching from another provider, you can keep your current number