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Pay as you go top up offers

Our new Data Extra top up offer gives you an incredible 5GB of data & unlimited Vodafone calls & texts.
Simply top up by €20 a month, and you'll get Data Extra for just €10 of your €20 top up credit every 30 days

Data Extra

€20 top up every 30 days
  • 5GB data
  • 4G speeds
  • Unlimited Vodafone calls & texts

          All for €10 of your €20 top up credit every 30 days

To opt in, text Data Extra to 5022250222 before you top up

Get this offer


1. Opt in

- free text DATA EXTRA to 5022250222

2. Top up

- activate your offer by topping up every 30 days

Already a Vodafone customer? You can manage your top up offer and top up in My Vodafone. Terms and conditions apply.

Choose a 30-day add on with your remaining call credit

Texts €5

100 texts to any network

Text 5text to 5023350233

Calls €5

30 minutes to Irish mobiles or landlines

Text 5talk to 5023350233

Data €5

500MB data

Text 5data to 5023350233

International €5

30 international minutes

Text 5inter to 5023350233

CleverCards Complete €5

Unlimited digital eCards and up to 3 personalised printed cards per month.

RED Extra

Get either Spotify Premium and 500MB extra data for €5, or Sky Sports Mobile TV, as a recurring add on, from just €5.99 a month from your top up credit. Text EXTRA to 50221 and start enjoying endless music or sports today!
Find out more about RED Extra.