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Crystal clear calls with HD Voice

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HD Voice, gives you crystal clear high definition calls without the background noise. This means you can have private conversations in public places without the need to shout to be heard. It's as if the person is actually in the room with you.

Vodafone has been certified for it, with speech quality 37%* better compared to standard voice.

Experience HD Voice for business and drive real efficiency in the workplace where accurate information is delivered first time round. Find out why Vodafone is the best network for your business.

Video explaining HD Voice on Vodafone

Less background noise

Calls are more natural and it's easier to hear and be heard.

Watch our video to hear what a difference HD Voice makes

Selection of HD Voice voice enabled smartphones

How to get HD Voice

HD Voice is available on all Vodafone to Vodafone calls with a HD Voice enabled phone over the 3G network. It happens automatically and it's free, so just enjoy the experience!

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*Based on independent testing completed by Spirent between 3rd March and 15 March 2014 in 48 locations across Ireland.