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Register for My Vodafone

  • 1. Enter mobile number
  • 2. Verify and choose password
  • 3. Done

Please provide your mobile number

Enter your mobile number in the format 08XXXXXXXX

We will text a verification code to your phone


Mobile broadband & tablet customers

Make sure you use the number associated with your sim card in your mobile broadband device.

Instructions to get the verification code

Mobile broadband users can receive the text message once your device is plugged into a computer.

Using a stick modem (dongle)

Make sure it is connected to your laptop and the stick modem software is correctly installed. Messages sent to the SIM card will display on your laptop/computer in the message centre of the stick modem software.

Using a tablet

Tablets have the SIM card within the device itself, so text messages sent to the SIM card will display on the device itself.

More information here