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Vodafone & the Public Sector

New ways of working through emerging technologies

Through our wide range of innovative technologies, we help local & national government  agencies promote economic and social growth, mobilise frontline services, deliver significant benefits in productivity, efficiency and cost savings, and unify their comms by bring together fixed, mobile and desktop communications.


Our products and services deliver real value to enable Public Sector clients address challenges and realise opportunities to improve service delivery. Our ongoing investment in our products and services, our network and our teams means we can be trusted to deliver on this promise

John Clancy,
Head of Public Sector, Vodafone Ireland

How some of our solutions are already helping the Public Sector

  • Local councils

    Many local councils are using bulk text to communicate major emergencies such as flood warnings, to both the public and council workers, in a fast and cost-effective way.

  • Healthcare innovation

    We recently developed a mobile app with a healthcare agency which provides a mobile workforce management solution and tracks patient care history.

  • Remote monitoring and control

    Machine to machine solutions help government agencies simplify daily maintenance by automating tasks such as selective street light activation, raising gates and bridges, increasing flows of drinking water and monitoring waste levels.

  • Procurement Savings

    A major government department found that consolidating multiple providers was the key to unlocking maximum savings with an on-site phone system.  We provided a single piece of equipment which delivered all their voice and data services at each of their 26 locations over a managed network.

  • Unlocking savings from your IP Network

    An IT manager in a large semi state body was struggling with severe bandwidth restrictions and high costs on their legacy network. We installed a fully managed intelligent network to increase the bandwidth, so they could roll out new applications including VoIP and video conferencing and allowed remote workers to access a private APN. It delivered significant cost savings and increased their network performance.

  • 4G data speeds

    4G significantly improves the download and upload data capabilities our network can offer you, making it easier for you to get work done and respond quickly to your business’ needs when you're out and about.


Visit our Customer Experience centre

Bring your team to our centre and we’ll show you how technologies can transform your organisation. To organise a visit, send an email to VExC.ie@vodafone.com

Book a workshop

We can run a workshop with your senior team and demonstrate where your organisation should be focusing its attention. To book a workshop, send an email to VExC.ie@vodafone.com


If you have any questions about our Public Service offering, one of our Public Sector team will be able to answer any questions you have and advise what we can do for your organisation.

Email govcare.ie@vodafone.com, or contact your account manager.

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