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Phones and plans

No matter how big or small your business is, we've got a wide range of mobile phones and plans to suit you.

Mobile plans for 13-50 phones

  • Business Share

    Share calls, texts and data with everyone in your business.

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  • Vodafone Control

    Mobile plans you can tailor so you stay in control of your costs

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  • Making mobiles and landlines work together

    One Net Express combines the features of your office phone with the flexibility and freedom of your mobile.

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Mobile plans for 51+ phones

  • Customised plans

    If your company has more than 51 business mobiles, we’ll work with you to tailor a bespoke plan structured around your needs.

    To find out more, request a call back
    Vodafone customers call: 1800 22 55 88
    New customers call: 1800 85 56 96

  • Calling abroad

    Find out the rates you'll pay when calling the world from Ireland


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  • Roaming

    Travelling abroad? Find the rates you'll pay when roaming outside Ireland.


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  • Other call costs

    A complete list of other call costs outside your plan, eg, premium numbers and data services.


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