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Mobile business solutions

We have a range of solutions to enable you to do business anywhere that enhance and improve your business processes, and mobilise your staff.

Mobilise your staff

There's a new way of working, and so we've introduced a range of flexible products and services to help your staff become more mobile and work from anywhere.

  • Mobile broadband

    Give your staff the freedom and flexibility to access the internet and work from anywhere.

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  • Secure remote working

    Staff can work anywhere and on any device without compromising company security.

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  • 4G network

    Keep your employees connnected wherever they are with office like speeds on our 4G network.

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  • Mobile device management

    Vodafone Secure Device Manager lets you control and manage your company’s smart devices from one central place.

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Enhance and improve your business processes

We use a wide range of emerging technologies to help companies work a lot more efficiently.

  • Business apps

    We make bespoke business apps to help your employees work smarter and better, as well as business apps to drive customer engagement.

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  • Machine to Machine

    Streamlines the way data is collected from physical devices and incorporated into IT systems – cutting out unnecessary manual people-led processes.

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  • Bulk texts

    A fast, effective and affordable way to send texts to a large number of staff or customers in one go.

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  • Microsoft Office 365

    Helps you and your staff work together more effectively – at home, in the office or on the move.

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