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Vodafone Unified Communications

Unified Business

Experience the flexibility of integrated landlines, mobiles, laptops and tablets. At Vodafone, we only work with leading technology brands like Cisco and Avaya to ensure we provide high quality innovative solutions and services for you.

Our extensive voice and data networks connect your offices, while our mobile devices and networks connect your people. Add Vodafone Secure Device Management for peace of mind and HD Voice to experience crystal clear calls.

Benefits for users

  • Calls routed to both your desk and mobile phone
  • Desk phone experience on mobile
  • Know when someone is free to talk
  • One mailbox for all your voicemails
  • Get information fast with Instant Messaging
  • Collaborate on documents remotely
  • Deliver training or broadcast information
  • Enhance remote working relationships through video
  • Give mobile workers the same experience as those in the office
  • Built-in conferencing bridge

Benefits for organisations

  • Improved productivity as collaborations are possible anywhere
  • Lower annual maintenance costs
  • Improved compliance with call recordings
  • Reduced desk space within office environments
  • Cost savings on office landlines
  • Free internal desk-desk calls with a Vodafone WAN and Vodafone Unified Communications

Key features

  • Simultaneous ringing on your mobile, desk phone and laptop
  • Desk phone features on your mobile phone
  • Send instant messages and share caller availability status
  • Desktop collaboration with colleagues, partners and suppliers
  • Video calls and built-in conferencing bridge


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or contact your account manager.

Getting ready ...
  • Along with Unified Communications from Vodafone, you'll need to have Vodafone voice connections such as E-Link, WLR or Direct Voice.  You may already have an IP VPN WAN service or Vodafone mobile service, so you're already on your way.
  • To find out more about Unified Communications or to set up an appointment, just contact your Vodafone Account Manager
Why choose Vodafone

Over 50% of Irish businesses are already with Vodafone. We're certified as the best smartphone network. Our 4G network gives your business the fastest internet speeds.


Why Vodafone