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Inbound voice: 18XX numbers

What is it?

With an 18XX number, customers can call you - either for free, or at reduced rates - whenever they need to.

It's an efficient, cost-effective way to grow your business, enhance your marketing efforts and improve your customer service offerings.

NumberNameCaller chargeBusiness charge
1800Free phone numbersNo chargePays for call
0818Universal accessNational call rateNo charge
1850Shared cost (Fixed)Fixed call ratePays remainder of any extra costs
1890Shared cost (Timed)Local call ratePays remainder of any extra costs


  • Low rates for local and national calls
  • Management reporting with call analytlcs: analyse call date, time and duration with real-time monitoring tools and controls
  • Advanced call routing: with options such as TimeConnect and Call Percentage routing
  • Customer specific web portal which allows you to Control Traffic Destinations via a highly secure, cloud based

Setting up is easy

We coordinate your complete end-to-end migration to ensure your 18XX Voice Services Platform is up, tested and running smoothly.

A new 18XX number takes just 5-7 working days to set up, while an existing 18XX number takes 15 working days to port. And there's no downtime during the changeover, which takes only seconds to complete. There are no changes to make on your side and the port will be seamless.


  • Reduced costs with the consolidation of your 18XX traffic
  • Reporting enables you to effectively plan resources for your company for the future
  • Effective business continuity planning and activation through a customer controlled web portal
  • Controlling your own traffic destinations means you can target your marketing efforts with customer usage information
  • Dedicated support team help out with any queries


Call 1800 855 696
or contact your account manager.

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