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Security Solutions

Our security services

As data traffic grows, there's an increasing demand on your IT team to ensure your data is secure and protected.

Coupled with an increasing emphasis on strict compliance, regulation and data protection, companies need to have robust security policies in place across all data points, from the desktop right through to their network core.

We offer a range of software and Cloud based security solutions to ensure your company data and network has the highest security levels possible. We'll also work with you to comprehensively and exhaustively test for identifiable issues and risks, including the latest known software vulnerabilities and deficiencies.

Managed security services

Managed Firewall: cloud based and on-site services

Our cloud based managed firewall ensures you have ‘clean pipes’ between your corporate locations. All internet traffic is brought through a central content filtering and anti-virus platform, reducing the risk of inappropriate content, or viruses reaching your network, improving the level of security and reducing the drain on your valuable data bandwidth.

Managed email

With a growing quantity and complexity of threats now sent and received by email, successful email security is business-critical. With our partners, we offer a range of managed cloud email security solutions.

  • Omits costly set-up, capex expenditure and having in-house expertise
  • All email is filtered offsite and only clean email is relayed to your email server
  • Email security is deployed on both inbound and outbound mail, so you never pass malware on to your clients
  • Content control functionality is also available to ensure email content sent and received meet with internal policy and regulatory requirements.
Desktop & Server Anti-virus

We offer a range of software-based protection against vulnerabilities and malicious content for your internal (non-internet) windows based traffic.

Data loss prevention

We’ve partnered with a range of software providers to provide you best in class options to instantly monitor and prevent confidential data loss from your company network at work, at home, and on the road.From network level, to desktop agent level with USB port protection/ hard disk protection/ encryption to file & folder level encryption.

  • Protect your organization from the risks of financial loss, brand damage, lost customers, competitive disadvantage, and regulatory noncompliance
  • Quickly and easily monitor real-time events
  • Apply centrally managed security policies to control how employees use and transfer sensitive data
  • Generate detailed forensics reports with minimal impact to your daily business activities
  • Prevent data loss and leakage when data is modified, copied, pasted, printed, or transmitted while enabling flexible use


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