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Managed WAN


Being ready

As the trend for flexible, mobile working gets bigger and bigger, there is increased need for your business to have a reliable and stable service. You’ll also need increased bandwidth in order to keep up. Our Managed WAN solution gives your business the agility to face the future in a more connected way.

Benefits for users

  • Integrated and secure services for fixed or mobile networks
  • Flexible and intelligent systems that focus on your daily needs
  • Greater visibility and easier to manage systems

Benefits for organisations

  • Reduce costs by supplementing with Internet VPN (Secure Internet Site Access) and Ethernet connectivity
  • Increased connectivity from your head office or data centre to your branch and regional sites
  • Multi-service access to lots of different Vodafone services with a single network connection
  • Financial support and delivery of those multiple services

Key features

  • Visibility of your applications using a single network
  • Optimisation of your business services
  • Capacity utilisation and application monitoring
  • Controlled costs with predictable monthly bills


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Getting ready ...
  • To get Vodafone IP VPN, you must have a multi-site environment within your business.
  • To find out more about Vodafone Managed WAN or to set up an appointment, just contact your Vodafone Account Manager.

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