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Bulk texts

What is it?

Got a message to send out? With bulk text, you can send as many texts as you like to a large number of staff or customers in one go. Fast, easy to use and affordable, it's one of the most effective ways of communication and is great for day to day business operations, sales promotions or appointment reminders.


  • fast and effective form of communication
  • generate new sales through mobile marketing
  • improves customer service
  • helpful tool for communicating in a crisis
  • easy to set up and use
  • affordable & reduces operating costs
  • no software or hardware to install, just sign in via our secure online portal


  • Send to one or one hundred thousand (via excel or saved lists) on-line including sending internationally
  • Personalise your message by choosing your own sender ID
  • Allows a reply path – see live responses on your desk top
  • ‘Send now’ or ‘Send later’ outbound broadcasts by time and date
  • Send long messages with up to 469 characters in one message
  • Existing Vodafone mobile customers can easily integrate their Customer database/CRM systems and back end systems via our API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Email to SMS and SMS to Email conversion capabilities
  • Credit alert system: notifications when your credits are running low
  • Smart Tags: Effortlessly personalise your messages. Simply write one message and thousands of unique SMS can be sent
  • Reporting & Analytics: Improved reporting/analysis, notifications, and more. Monitor click through rates of mobile website links, including the number of redeemed vouchers where applicable. Monitor delivery receipts and get full delivery reports for each campaign and export them to Excel or CSV.
  • Mobile Websites: Drag and drop your own logos, images, videos, vouchers, Social Media links to create your own Mobile Website in less than 10 minutes! with the ability to include all of the following features:
    • 5 layouts to choose from
    • Various colours and themes
    • Company logos
    • Call to action buttons include: phone, email, website and social media sites
    • Multiple images
    • YouTube videos
    • Redeem vouchers for discounts
    • Geolocation


To Irish numbers:

  • 5c per text with our prepay credit card option
  • prices start at 4.5c for larger volumes

International texts

  • 7c per text


Get started by registering now and buy bundles of 500+ texts with your credit or laser card.

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