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Support for the BlackBerry Internet Solution

General support and FAQs for the BlackBerry Internet Solution.

If you already have a BlackBerry handheld and would like some advice, please use your BlackBerry handheld or your Vodafone mobile to call 1907.

The BlackBerry Internet Solution service is not suitable for some email accounts. You should check with your Internet Service Provider to see whether the BlackBerry Internet Solution service works with the services of that ISP, or if any limitations or restrictions apply. Some ISPs may charge additional fees when you use the BlackBerry Internet Solution service alongside its email accounts. All such fees shall be your responsibility and we cannot accept liability for such fees.


BlackBerry from Vodafone supports the SSL security protocol for access of emails between any third-party ISP service and the hosted BlackBerry service. For maximum security Vodafone also recommends you password-protect your BlackBerry handheld device.

BlackBerry Internet Solution™ - manage your account

Login to your Vodafone Mobile Email account to set-up, send, receive, reply & manage your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What email accounts can I integrate with?
  • Using BlackBerry Mobile Email, you can access existing Internet-based email such as Vodafone Mail, Eircom mail and others.
  1. How does the BlackBerry email functionality work for BlackBerry Mobile email?
  • The BlackBerry Mobile Email service allows you to access multiple existing Internet-based email accounts (including popular web-based and ISP accounts) from a single BlackBerry handheld through use of POP3, IMAP4 and/or mail forwarding. When an email is sent to the handheld's default email account or to any of the email accounts that you have set up to integrate with the handheld, BlackBerry ensures that the message is pushed to the BlackBerry handheld.
  1. How do I integrate my existing internet email account with my BlackBerry handheld?
  • Sign in to BlackBerry Internet Email on your PC and click add account.
  • Then click get link. You'll see a form requesting your email address, user name and password.
  • Once you've entered the information, click submit and then get link.
  • Depending on the type of email account you have, you might be asked to complete the following fields:
    • POP3/IMAP: It may ask for your mail server address (eg mail.ispname.com) and your Port Number. If you don't know this information, contact your service provider.
    • Microsoft Outlook Web or Microsoft Exchange: It may ask you to type the URL where you access your Outlook Web account. It will then ask for your Outlook mailbox name.
    • Lotus Domino: It may ask for the URL where you access your Lotus Notes web account.Please note: If you add a Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino account, you may be prompted to install an 'email connector' application. Click cancel.
  • Click submit. Your account is now added.
  1. If I use the BlackBerry Mobile Email service, can I synchronise calendar appointments wirelessly?
  • No. This option is only available with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution.
  1. Why do you support Java™?
  • Using a Java J2ME wireless development platform enables the widespread development of customised and commercial applications for companies across all business sectors.
    The BlackBerry Java Development Environment is based on open standards and includes a handheld simulator and real-time debugger with a full suite of integrated utilities to help quickly build, test and deploy applications. Compliance with J2ME, Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profiles (MIDP) specifications provide a 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' cross-platform environment that is attracting and supporting a broad base of developers.
  1. What type of encryption & security does BlackBerry Mobile Email service support?
  • The BlackBerry Mobile Email service provides secure access to subscriber data, including email and configuration information. Access to this information is password protected through a 128bit SSL encrypted web site.
    Unlike the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, the BlackBerry Mobile Email service does not include email message encryption.
  1. Where can I use my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld?
  • You can use your BlackBerry® from Vodafone in Ireland and around the world, subject to national and international GPRS coverage.

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