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Most asked questions

How to top up my phone and broadband?   

Quick Top Up

With Vodafone you can do a quick top up without calling into a store, simply log onto My Vodafone or call 1741 option 2 and top up directly, while you’re there you can also save your payment card details and use our other quick top up services.

Once you’re details are saved, you can now top up in the following ways:

  1. Automatic Top up - Schedule a top up for each week or month by calling 1741 or logging onto MyVodafone.
  2. Text - Text "TOPUP" followed by the top up amount and last 4 digits of your registered payment card to 50277. (e.g. TOPUP 30 1234) to top up by 30euro.
  3. Online - Log onto My Vodafone to top up instantly.
  4. Free Call - 1741 option 2 to talk to a customer rep and top up.


You can also top up online or at any ATM with the following banks:

In Store

You can buy a top up voucher at any one of over 7,500 retailers nationwide as well as in any Vodafone Store.

How can I swap my Vodafone Cherry Points for rewards?   


You can swap your Cherry Points for rewards here by selecting the reward you want from any of the different categories.

In Store

Alternatively you can swap your Cherry Points for phones, modems & Sure Signal in any Vodafone Retail store.

On the Phone

You can also swap your Cherry Points for Top Up or any of the Cherry bundles, such as free minutes or texts, by calling freefone 1800 800 087. Please note when calling this number you will need to call from your Vodafone mobile and have your caller ID turned on.

Why did I receive a text message with a verification pin?   

Should I be concerned?

Did you receive a text message telling you about a "verification code" and that you should "continue the Forgotten Password process on our website", but you never started the Forgotten Password process for My Vodafone? If so, there's no need for concern.

What is this message?

This text message is part of the process for people to sign in to My Vodafone when they can't remember what their password is. We text them out a verification code, which they need to enter on the website, and then they change their password and have access to My Vodafone.

Can I delete this message?

If you didn't start this Forgot your Password process, but received the text message, then most likely someone accidentally typed in your phone number instead of their own. Regardless, as long as you have your phone, there's no risk of someone being able to sign in to your My Vodafone account, because they would need that verification code to do so. So go ahead and just delete the text message. That verification code will soon expire. And your My Vodafone password will remain unchanged.

Understanding data usage on your smartphone   

How is mobile data charged?

Data is charged by what you use & is measured in units known as bytes. The number of bytes used depends on what you are doing. Listening to radio and watching video, for example, will use up a lot of data.

Managing data charges

If you have data included in your plan, the allowance should be enough to cover your usage. If you go over you data allowance you will be charged a daily rate.

Why is my data usage so high?

Watching video or listening to music online can consume your data allowance very quickly. You may wish to connect to WiFi to watch large videos and when listening to the radio for large periods of time.

How can I track my usage?

Register for My Vodafone or download the My Vodafone App to see your most up to date data usage. You'll see how much data you have left in your monthly allowance, or you can buy a data add on if you need more.

Am I eligible to upgrade my phone?   

How can I upgrade my phone?

You can see if you’re eligible anytime by clicking here and logging in using your My Vodafone credentials. If you’re eligible, you can upgrade online and we’ll deliver your new phone right to your door.

I’m not eligible yet – when will I be?

Your eligibility depends on your price plan. Have a look for your price plan below for more information.

  • RED Essentials/RED Extra Essentials - You won't be eligible for an upgrade until your 24 month contract is up at least.
  • RED One/RED Extra One - You won't become eligible for an upgrade until your 24 month contract is up at least or after 12 months if you have the New Phone Every Year add-on. Click here for more information on New Phone Every Year.
  • RED/RED Extra - You will become eligible for an upgrade once your 24 month contract is up or after 12 months if you have the New Phone Every Year add-on. Click here for more information on New Phone Every Year.
  • RED Super/RED Extra Super - You will be eligible for an upgrade every 12 months as the New Phone Every Year comes as standard with these plans. Click here for more information on New Phone Every Year.

On Bill Pay, you can see if you’re eligible anytime on My Vodafone.

How do I activate my SIM?   

If you have received a replacement SIM card or got a new SIM card with a new phone you can activate it on our welcome page.

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