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We use cookies to keep track of what you've bought from us and what you've done on the site. Cookies also mean you can use services such as tracking your order, checking your account or topping up.

Our cookies don't hold personal information such as your name or bank details - they simply let us find that information once you're logged in. We take looking after your details seriously – we're always monitoring and improving how we protect your personal information.

 Where it appearsWhat it's used forExpires
.ASPXAUTHbroadband.vodafone.ieUsed to determine if user has been authenticated.Expires at the end of the session
__atuvccommunity.vodafone.ieThis is created and read by the AddThis social sharing site JavaScript on the client side in order to make sure the user sees the updated count if they share a page and return to it before our share count cache is updated.Expires after 2 years.
__atuvscommunity.vodafone.ieThis is created and read by the AddThis social sharing site JavaScript on the client side in order to make sure the user sees the updated count if they share a page and return to it before our share count cache is updated.Expires after 30 minutes.
__bcvm_vidvodafone.ieCookie used to support our live chat services.Expires at the end of the session.
__bcvm_vridvodafone.ieCookie used to support our live chat services.Expires after 1 year.
__ControllerTempDatabroadband.vodafone.ieMaintains temporary data used during the session.Expires at the end of the session.
__RequestVerificationTokenbroadband.vodafone.ieUsed to help maintain security, anti forgery mechanism.Expires at the end of the session.
__utmadeviceguides.vodafone.ieThis is the main way Google Analytics tracks unique visitors. Stored in this cookie is a unique visitor ID, the date and time of their first visit, the time their current visit started and the total number of visits they have made.Expires after 2 years
__utmb.deviceguides.vodafone.ieThis is how Google Analytics decides whether a visit has timed out and also how deep a visit has gotten. It stores the number of pageviews in the current visit and the start time of the visitor's current visit.Expires within 30 minutes
__utmcdeviceguides.vodafone.ieThe __utmc cookie is the only session cookie used by Google Analytics. Its only purpose is to register that the visit ended if the browser gets closed.Expires at the end of the session
__utmtdeviceguides.vodafone.ieIndicates the type of request, which is one of: event, transaction, item, or custom variableExpires after 10 minutes
__utmzdeviceguides.vodafone.ieThis is the traffic source cookie. It contains all of the traffic source information for the current visit, if it was different from the previous visit. If no traffic source information can be found for the current visit, the cookie is not changed. This is the way that Google Analytics attributes visit information, including conversions and transactions to a traffic source. It does not contain historical information for previous sources.Expires after 6 months
accessibilitycookievodafone.ieStores string value e.g. true or false for functionality Accessibility Style Switcher.Expires after 180 days
ADJUDACLUSTERsupport.vodafone.ieWeb server to useExpires when you close your browser
CAKEPHPcomingsoon.vodafone.ieSession cookieExpires when the browser is closed
CAKEPHPnac.vodafone.ieSession cookieExpires when the browser is closed
demdexvodafone.demdex.netThis is used for online profiling for targeted marketing.Expires after 2 years
gpv_pnnac.vodafone.ieMaintains the state of the formExpires after 1 day
lang_coun_confsupport.vodafone.ieLanguage & CountryExpires when you close your browser
LIDvodafone.ieA cookie set when you log into site.Expires after 5 years
Mboxvodafone.ieRecords your journey through our website so we can see what content is relevant to you. That way we can show you products and services you might be interested in.Expires after 2 weeks
paperlessbillingvodafone.ieStores string value e.g. RemindMeLater(Set cookie to remind user in 30 days) or NeverAskAgain(Set terms accepted to never show again).Expires after 30 days
preQualCookievodafone.ieStores LineEligibility in encrypted format.Expires after 13.33 minutes
s_ccvodafone.ieDetermines whether cookies are enabled in your browser.Expires at the end of the session.
s_lastvisitvodafone.ieThis cookie lets us know if you've been to vodafone.ie before.Expires after 3 years.
SESSIONID (any cookie containing SESSIONID)





Cookies that maintains the current state for the user.Expires when the session ends.
s_nrvodafone.ieThis cookie tracks the details of your visit and your journey through vodafone.ie. It doesn't store any personal information.Expires after 1 month.
s_persvodafone.ieRecords things like the number of visits we have to each page
s_ppvvodafone.ieRecords the users previous page, set on following page.Expires when browsing session ends.
s_promotionvodafone.ieThis stores the internal promotion interactions, banners etc.Expires when browsing session ends
s_sessvodafone.ieTemporarily remembers the products you've viewed and anything you've added to your basket during your visit to our websiteExpires when you leave the website
s_sqvodafone.ieContains information about the previous link that was clicked on by the user.Expires when browsing session ends.
supercookie (cookie name varies depend on values of tokenName e.g. "n/a", "supercookie")vodafone.ieCreate a super cookie if the user has asked to be kept logged in.Expires after 24 hours
surveyprovidervodafone.ieChecks if online surveys are present and enabled.Expires after 180 days
Svidvodafone.ieRemembers what areas of the website you've been on and the things you're most interested in.
tradedoublervodafone.ieStores string value - request param tduid.Expires after 365 days
Usertypesupport.vodafone.ieCustomer typeExpires when you close your browser
utag_mainvodafone.ieUsed to track general and page specific analytic data.Expires after 1year.
web_template_personalisation_cookiesupport.vodafone.ieTimed cookieExpires immediately
Facebook PixelVodafone.ie/vodafonexPiece of JavaScript code for our website that enables us to build audiences for effective Facebook ad campaigns.