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With Vodafone Stay Mobile Insurance you can process and track your insurance claim online. Before you submit a claim please make sure to review the requirements below. Once your claim has been accepted we'll aim to send you a replacement phone within 2 working days.

Loss, theft, malicious or accidental damage

  1. Call 1907 right away to report your phone as lost or stolen. We'll stop others from using it to make calls.
  2. Report the theft or loss to the GardaĆ­ (or relevant authorities abroad) and get a crime number within 24 hours of the incident.
  3. If your phone is damaged you can submit your claim by or calling 1850 92 77 11.
  4. Submit, track and close your claims by calling 1850 92 77 11.

Notice for Apple iPhone claims

Apple customers who have installed iOS 7 or 8 and enabled the Find my iPhone option, need to disable this feature before submitting an insurance claim.

Some devices come with this setting pre-installed so follow Apple's recommended steps to disable it.

Find out how to disable Find my iPhone