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Vodafone Protect is being retired

Vodafone Protect is being retired

We have reviewed our products and services and from 20th March 2017 Vodafone Protect will no longer be available. You may continue to use the app until the 20th March but the security features will no longer work after this date.


We will be updating this page between now and the 20th March with further information on the shutdown so please keep an eye on this page for future updates.


Looking for an alternative way to keep your and your family’s devices safe?


If you would like to ensure your smartphone continues to be protected while browsing on the Vodafone network we have an alternative security solution, Vodafone Secure Net. Vodafone Secure Net provides anti-virus and anti-malware protection on the Vodafone network. Plus it also provides a range of parental control option to keep your and family safe while browsing.


For more information on Secure Net please click here: https://www.vodafone.ie/security/secure-net/




When is Vodafone Protect being closed?
Vodafone Protect is being shut down on 20th March 2017. The security features in the app will no longer work after this date.


What happens if my device is locked by Protect after 20th March? How do I unlock my phone?
Our customer care teams will be able to unlock your device in the event that it is locked by Protect after the 20th March. We will publish information on how this process will work in the coming weeks so please refer back to this page for more information.


How does Secure Net compare to Vodafone Protect?
The below table compares the benefits of Secure Net vs Vodafone Protect. Secure Net is available to trial for free then costs €0.99 per month thereafter. If you’d like to find out more about Secure Net click here:


Compare features of Vodafone Protect and Vodafone Secure Net


FeatureSecure NetProtect
No installationYesNo
All platforms coveredYesNo
Anti virusYesYes
Anti phishingYesYes
Remote find/lock/wipeNoYes
Child safe browsingYesNo
Quiet timeYesNo
App notificationYesNo

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