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Vodafone Contacts

Vodafone Contacts

Never lose your address book, even if you lose or break your phone.

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Vodafone Contacts

Vodafone Contacts is a free service for Vodafone customers that backs up your phone's address book and contact details safely and securely online. You can sync your contacts between devices and manage them online - so you'll never lose your address book, even if you lose or break your phone.


Features and benefits

Backup and sync

Backup and sync your contacts directly from your phone

Easy setup

Easy to setup on feature phones and smartphones

Safe and secure

Safe and secure backup protects from damage or loss

3G and WiFi

First backup over the mobile network, after that sync over mobile or wifi

What does the service cost?

You can access the features of Vodafone Contacts service free of charge, but there may be data charges and costs depending on your plan. For more information on your plan sign in to My Vodafone. Charges while roaming abroad may be significantly higher.


How does it work?

Vodafone Contacts backs up the contacts stored in your phone's address book and connected email accounts (e.g gmail). Please note that contacts stored on your SIM card will not be backed up and must be imported into your phone. Please refer to your manufacturer's device manual for instructions on importing SIM contacts.


How do I use it?

Follow the instructions for your device below:

Download the app for the iPhone

Download the app from Google Play (Android users)


Download the app for BlackBerry

Feature phone (non-smartphone) user guide

login to your online account

Log in to your online account

Manage your contact backups.


Windows Mobile version coming soon

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