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Vodafone apps

My Vodafone app

My Vodafone app

With the My Vodafone app, you can keep track of your account on the go. Check your usage and details, your upgrade eligibility and even send a webtext.

Whether you're a bill pay or a pay as you go customer, you can download our handy app for your iPhone or Android smartphone for free.

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Safe & Secure apps

The Vodafone Safe & Secure apps give you peace of mind and total protection for your content, contacts and your phone.

Vodafone Cloud

Access your content from any device

Access your favourite content from all your devices. Vodafone Cloud gives peace of mind knowing your content is safe and secure.

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Vodafone Contacts

Keep your contacts safe and secure

Keep your contacts safe and secure by backing up your contact list online. You'll never lose those important contact details again.

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Vodafone Protect

Keep your phone safe and secure

Keep your phone safe and secure with the McAfee powered app. And you'll be able to remotely locate, lock and wipe your phone.

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Vodafone Safety Net

Safety Net is a free Android app which allows you to manage your, or your child's, phone connections. You can block calls and messages from specific contacts and disable the use of features such as the camera and the Internet.

  • Settings to help block unwanted messages/calls such as bullying and prank calls.
  • Tools to prevent your child accessing harmful content through apps, the internet or simply calling or texting
  • Truly simple to use. Easy for parents to use, requiring little to no technical understanding

See terms and conditions for more details.

Vodafone Message+

Text messaging just got better. See all your chat, sent and received messages in one place with the Vodafone Message+ app - a new service for Vodafone customers. Message or chat with text, photos, videos and sounds or simply express yourself with smileys. Watch our video to find out more

  • Get one message thread per contact
  • Share photos, videos, audio clips, voice notes
  • Get message 'sent' or 'delivered' notifications
  • Plan and organise your social life with group chat

See terms and conditions or FAQ's for more details.

Vodafone Net Perform

This smart little app puts you in control by giving you the ability to monitor your mobile performance. It allows you to test your network speeds on the built-in speed test and see your results on the map.

The Net Perform app helps us improve our network and service to you. By collecting this data anonymously from users all over our network and combining it to give us the big picture, we can see how well our network is working with our customers’ phones.

  • See how much data your apps are using
  • Monitor how much data you use on the network and on WiFi
  • Track your network coverage and signal strength wherever you are
  • Test your network speeds with our built-in speed test and see your results on the map.

See terms and conditions

Vodafone IOU app

With the Vodafone IOU app, you'll never get stuck without credit again.

  • Super IOU - get €4 credit instantly to keep you going until your next top up. Next time you top up you'll be charged €4 plus 30c.
  • IOU Buddy - ask a friend for call credit if you're running low or send some call credit to them!