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Vodafone Ireland Code of Practice

You, our customers, have chosen to trust us. In return, we must strive to anticipate and understand your needs and delight you with our service. We value your custom above everything else and aspire to make your lives richer, more fulfilled and more connected.

'Customer first' is the fundamental principle for us at all levels. Serving you individually and collectively better than anybody else demands that we trust you, listen to you, seek to understand you by every means available, and that we act to make sure that every aspect of our service is second to none.

Code of Practice for Customer Care

Code of practice and contact information for bill pay, pay as you go and Vodafone At Home customer enquiries.

Vodafone Customer Care Policies

Advice and information for bill pay and pay as you go customers on Vodafone's customer care policies.

ICIA Parents Guide

Mobile industry guide designed to help parents gain a more complete understanding of the range of mobile services and their safe and responsible use by their children.

ICIA Code of Practice

The Irish mobile operators Code of Practice for the responsible and secure use of mobile services.