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Fixed Broadband Remote Access Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions of Vodafone Fixed Broadband Remote Access (also referred to as “the Service”) are in addition to, and form part of, the terms and conditions relating to a) Vodafone Office multi-line and Vodafone Office, and b) Vodafone Landline and Fixed Broadband Services

  1. To sign up for the Service, the Customer agrees to provide the requested information as completely and accurately as possible. If any information is found to be incorrect, the Customer will be requested to resubmit this correctly within seven days of notification. Failure to provide the correct information may result in a delay in provision of the Service to the Customer.
  2. As part of the registration process, the Customer must also choose a password to control access to the Service. It is the sole responsibility of each Customer (and the Customer’s authorized users) to maintain the security and privacy of their password at all times. Vodafone reserves the right to disable or cancel a Customer’s access to the Service where, in its reasonable opinion, a password has been compromised.
  3. The Customer shall also be responsible for all activity that occurs under the Customer’s account subscription and for any data which is transferred using the Service.
  4. The Customer may not interfere or attempt to interfere with the Service or any other remote user of the Service, nor attempt to gain access to any unauthorised Service resources.
  5. The Service may not be used for unauthorized transmission of intellectual property, nor be used for an activity that infringes a copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or reasonable rights to privacy. The Customer may also not use the service to transmit unsolicited material, viruses, worms, trojans or any other potentially malicious or destructive materials.
  6. Vodafone reserves the right to amend, alter or modify the Service, without notice, in order to protect network or data integrity or in order to comply with its regulatory or legal obligations.
  7. Under no circumstances will Vodafone be responsible for any event leading to data loss, corruption, integrity or theft, or for any indirect or consequential losses that may arise as a result of any such event. In using the Service, the Customer agrees to hold Vodafone harmless in this regard.
  8. Vodafone, at its sole discretion, may withdraw the Service at any time by providing the Customer no less than 30 days’ prior notice of such.

Additional definitions

“ Fixed Broadband Remote Access” means a managed service to enable the Customer, and users authorized by the Customer, gain remote access to computer systems managed by the Customer.