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The best network for business

4G is here

Take your business to the next level with superfast 4G, making it easier for you to get work done and respond quickly to your customers’ needs when you're out and about.

4G will deliver:

  • faster internet speeds on mobile broadband and smartphones
  • upload speeds up to 5 times faster than fixed-line, 10 times faster than 3G
  • Download speeds 4 times as fast as 3G

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HD Voice


Where speed, accuracy and delivering information is crucial to driving real business efficiency - HD Voice gives you clearer, crisper high definition calls so you can hear and be heard in noisy environments. Available on all Vodafone to Vodafone calls with a HD Voice enabled phone over the 3G network. See all HD Voice enabled phones.



€1 billion investment in our network

We've invested over 900 million in our network since 2001, and plan to invest a further 100 million over the coming years to provide the best landline, broadband, IP and mobile services


Vodafone is the fastest smartphone network

Getting the most from your smartphone means you need the best network, and Vodafone has been independently verified as the best network for smartphones. This means: faster browsing; faster downloading and also faster uploading.


Independently certified as the fastest mobile broadband speed

We already have the largest network footprint, and as we roll out across the country, we’ll provide data everywhere we currently provide voice-coverage, giving a better network & data experience to more customers all over Ireland.


Large network footprint

Our network is available to 99% of the population.

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Compare 4G internet
speeds to 3G

In March 2012, Vodafone's mobile data network was measured to be the fastest overall for HTTP file upload and download performance and web page download speeds by Metrico, a global leader in network and device testing, when compared to the other major mobile operators, in independently selected locations in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Cork & Galway.

* Vodafone Ireland's mobile data network achieved the best download speeds of all Irish mobile operators as recorded by random customers using the Speedtest.net application for the period between January 2012 and December 2012. This result is based on over 100,000 samples from customers using iOS and Android operated smartphones submitted on a nationwide basis. Speedtest.net is the global standard in Internet connection testing and one of the most popular independent data speed verification services
in the world (www.speedtest.net).