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Think forward with Vodafone

The business that thinks forward, gets ahead.

RED Business

Think forward, get ahead with Vodafone RED Business.

  • Never miss a business opportunity with Landline on Mobile.
  • Unlimited calls, texts and lots of data.
  • Inclusive UK roaming calls, texts and data.
  • Latest business smartphone every year.
  • A dedicated Best Start team with longer care hours.
  • Safety and security for your business smartphone.

Business Solutions

Think forward, get ahead with Vodafone solutions for business.

We have the right solutions to meet your business needs including:

Smart Startup Network

Think forward, get ahead with the Vodafone Smart Startup Network.

Learn from some of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs and network with fellow businesses. Get expert advice and tips on topics such as:

  • social media for business
  • business productivity
  • e-commerce
  • marketing