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Business Apps

Business apps to transform the way you work

What are they?

To stay competitive, a growing number of businesses are investing in mobility solutions as they look to develop their mobility strategy. We provide complete end-to-end mobility solutions, allowing you to leverage our expertise and successfully navigate the mobility landscape, while mitigating any risks.

With our range of mobile applications & devices, staff can work smarter and better, no matter where they are, by always being connected to the right information at the right time.

They can be used in a wide range of areas, including field sales, audits, inspections, merchandising, logistics, health, public sector and more.


  • Easily schedule jobs for your workforce in the field
  • Send and collect customer data in real-time from the field
  • Collect a wide range of data including GPS, photographs, sales orders, signatures, barcodes etc
  • Instant reporting features to provide insights and track progress
  • Easy integration with your back end system to allow for speedy deployment


  • Increased productivity: for staff on the road and in the office
  • More accurate decision making: staff have access to the most up to date information so are always prepared for customer meetings
  • Cost savings: reduces printing & postage costs
  • Improved accuracy: through more efficient processes and less errors
  • Reduced overheads: through streamlined processes and less paperwork
  • More visibility: location of mobile workers can be tracked

Business apps to differentiate and drive customer engagement

What are they?

In today’s mobile world, engaging with customers is more important than ever to increase business revenue and foster customer loyalty. By creating your own mobile app, you can help your business do just that.

Vodafone Mobile Apps for Enterprise is a ‘mobile app strategy’ consultancy service created especially for Vodafone business customers. Whether you need to mobilise your website or want to develop a complex app that requires integration with internal systems, we’ll work with you to design a mobile app strategy to suits all your business needs.


  • Bespoke mobile app consultancy service tailored for your business needs
  • A designed mobile app strategy, not just an app
  • Insight and analysis so you can evolve your mobile app strategy
  • Access to 'Apptivate' - an enterprise grade mobile publishing platform
  • On-going maintenance and support from our experts


  • Foster brand loyalty by engaging with your customers in this new channel
  • Enhanced brand awareness and perception
  • Build on customer relationships
  • Increase efficiency in business processes
  • Create new revenue streams for your business


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