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Vodafone security

Mobile and online security

mobile and online security
fraudulent email alert!

Fraudulent text alert

'SMiShing' is a technique used by criminals to try to steal information about a person's identity by sending them a text with a link to a website. Learn more

Secure online shopping

Secure online shopping with vodafone.ie

Your details are completely secure

Our website uses the industry standard SSL encryption technology so it's completely safe for you to enter your personal details online.

Cookies on Vodafone.ie

Cookies on vodafone.ie

We use cookies but no scary ones

We make limited use of cookies for certain online services, e.g. My Vodafone, where your account details are accessible.

Protecting your children

Protect your children with Safety Net Manager

SafetyNet Mobile Manager

Do your children use Vodafone live! Mobile Internet? Find out how to filter inappropriate content from their mobile phones.

Worried about who can contact you or your child's mobile? With Vodafone SafetyNet Mobile Manager, you can control access to and from a phone.

Mobile phone & email security

Protect yourself online with our general safety tips

Protect yourself online and on your phone