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My Way - build your own plan

Plan includes

  • Choose your minutes
  • Choose your texts
  • Add data if required
ex. VAT
per month

At a glance

  • Choose how many minutes & texts you need
  • Add on data as required
  • Includes unlimited Vodafone calls & texts
  • Pick your own contract length: 12, 18 or 24 months
  • Go global - for just €1.50 (inc VAT) extra, your minutes or texts can be used to make international calls or send international texts from Ireland

Introducing My Way

Everyone's different, so if our standard plans don't match your particular needs, you can build your own with My Way! It's simple - just choose how many minutes and texts you want, and then add on as much internet data as you like.

What happens if I go over my chosen amount of minutes or texts?

Then you pay just 25c a minute for calls and 11c per text, within Ireland (including VAT).

I want to use the internet on my mobile. Is data included in the plan?

If you are buying a smartphone with this plan, we automatically include 500MB of internet data. If you are not buying a smartphone with this plan, you are given the option to buy a data add on when and if you need it.

What if I go over my internet data allowance?

Then you pay 2c per MB (including VAT).

How long is my contract?

With My Way, you can choose your own contract length depending on the type of phone you get with the plan:

  • With a smartphone, choose either an 18 or 24 month contract
  • With a non-smartphone, choose from a 12, 18 or 24 month contract
  • If you're not getting a new phone with this plan, choose from a 12, 18 or 24 month contract

Remember, when getting a new phone with this plan, the longer contract length you choose, the cheaper your phone will cost.

Are my Vodafone calls and texts included?

With My Way, all calls and texts to Vodafone mobiles are automatically included in your monthly plan cost. If you have lots of friends and family on Vodafone then this plan is perfect for you.

How much are international calls and texts on this plan?

With My Way, you are given the option to buy a monthly add on, enabling you to use your inclusive minutes or texts to make international calls and texts, at no extra cost.

If you go over you inclusive allowance, or if you don't have the add on, you pay our standard international rates.

Other call costs

  • Voicemail: free

Roaming costs

These are what you pay when using your phone abroad. Sign up to Vodafone Passport for these rates:

  • when travelling to the UK or Northern Ireland, pay the same per minute rate as you would at home - that's 25c per minute, 11c per text (including VAT). And it's always free to receive calls.
  • when travelling anywhere else, pay a 79c connection fee, then it's 25c per minute, 11c per text (including VAT). When you receive calls, you just pay a 79c connection fee (including VAT) and nothing else.

Find out more about roaming rates