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Add ons

Add whatever you want to your core Wireless Office Plus or Wireless Office Share Plus plan

Choose the amount of minutes your office needs with a Wireless Office Plus or Wireless Office Share Plus plan. If you go over your shared minutes, you’ll pay just 15c per minute to call any network from any company mobile. And texts to any network are just 9c each.


Use your minutes to call abroad

You can make international calls using the shared minutes on your plan, but if you need more, you can buy more minutes as an add on.

International call costs

Your basic planPlus international callsFinal monthly cost
500 shared minutes€30€115
750 shared minutes€30€135
1500 shared minutes€30€230
2500 shared minutes€70€370
3500 shared minutes€70€470
5500 shared minutes€80€680
7500 shared minutes€80€880
10,000 shared minutes€100€1050
15,000 shared minutes€100€1500

More texts

Cut your SMS costs in half with a text bundle to share between the mobiles on your account. Plus, you can carry over unused texts to the following month.


What you getBundle priceRate per text
400 texts€256c
600 texts€356c
800 texts€455c
1000 texts€555c
2000 texts€904c

Prices are ex. VAT

More calls

Save on business calls with a mobile to landline add on to share on your plan.


What you getBundle priceRate per minute
250 shared mobile to landline minutes€208c
500 shared mobile to landline minutes€357c
1000 shared mobile to landline minutes€606c
2500 shared mobile to landline minutes€1255c
5000 shared mobile to landline minutes€2004c

Prices are ex-VAT

Email & smartphone add ons

With Vodafone Mobile Exchange, you can send and receive emails instantly, including email attachments and manage your calendar and contacts from your smartphone.

Email on your phone is available on all smartphones: iPhones, Androids, Windows Phone phones and Nokia smartphones. If you don't already have a price plan which includes data, you will need to choose a data bundle to suit your usage needs:

Data BundleUse ForInclusive DataPrice per Month
Standard*Average smartphone data usage, including email, browsing and app usage1GB€10
Super UserHeavy smartphone data usage, including email, browsing and content streaming – either on device or tethering2GB€15

All prices are ex. VAT

* Smartphones can only be used by existing or connecting Vodafone business subscribers signing up to Vodafone's My Way or Perfect Choice Access Plus tariff or Vodafone's Standard 1GB monthly data add on for a minimum subscriber term of 18 months. See terms and conditions.

BlackBerry users can choose from the following options depending on their company’s set up and security requirements:

Data BundleUse ForInclusive DataPrice per Month
BlackBerry InternetSuited to individuals and small businesses. It’s designed for anyone who uses a web-based email service (IMAP4 or POP3) such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!1GB€15
BlackBerry EnterpriseFor medium and large businesses who have an internal email server such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Novell1GB€30

All prices are ex. VAT

Terms and conditions apply