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Prepay roaming
What will I pay when I roam?

What will I pay when I roam?

Heading abroad? Find out exactly what you'll pay in countries around the world with our simple roaming map.


Get Vodafone Passport

Pay less when you roam in 24 European countries when you sign up for free to Vodafone Passport.

Email & internet abroad

Email & internet abroad

Great value mobile broadband when you travel.

Understanding data usage

Roaming: your questions answered


Guide to managing your smartphone data usage.

Topping up abroad

Top up abroad

Make sure you never run out of credit on the road.

Data roaming spend caps

All about EU regulations for data roaming

Controlling your costs when abroad is easy with data spend caps.

Why roaming is better with Vodafone

Best value roaming in EU

We've got the best value roaming plan on the market - with free roaming in the UK.

More about Vodafone Passport

Best value data roaming

We've got the best value data roaming price plans for using email and internet abroad.

All our data roaming plans