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Pay as you go costs

Top up offer rates

If you are signed up to a top up offer, you’ll be charged our Advantage Plus rates:

Irish mobiles and landlines
9c connection fee, then 35c per minute
15c per text
9c connection fee, then 15c per minute

€1.99 for 100MB allowance - 1c per MB after 100MB.

Don't forget - you can get data included with our top up offers from €20.

Rates if you're not signed up to a top up offer

If you're not signed up to a top up offer, you'll be charged our Lifestyle rates:

Irish mobiles and landlines
45c per minute, peak and 25c per minute, off peak*
13c per text
€1.99 for 100MB allowance - 1c per MB after 100MB

If you would like to find out about pay as you go costs for voicemail, customer care and premium rate lines, you can find these charges here.

If you've been with Vodafone for a while and haven't opted in to one of our top up offers, you could be on one of our older plans.

*Peak times are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Off peak is all other times.

Calls charged on a per second basis, unless otherwise stated. The Euro tariffs are displayed here at 2 decimal places for information purposes this would also include text messages. Please contact customer care on 1747 for more information.

How do I get the best pay as you go value?

To get our best value Advantage Plus rates, just opt into one of the top up offers.

Top up offers

All conditions and prices apply to calls made within the Republic of Ireland, to other Irish numbers. For the avoidance of doubt, all calls made using an international prefix, including those to Northern Ireland, are classed as international calls.

View Vodafone Advantage Plus terms and conditions and Vodafone Lifestyle terms and conditions.