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One Net mobile

One Net Lite

Always be there when the landline rings, never miss a lead. One Net Lite is a virtual landline number that connects to your mobile. Now available FREE on all RED Business plans.

All your calls on your mobile and just one voicemail.
Keep your existing landline number or get a new one.
Make it simple and save - one bill for all your calls.

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One Net discussion

One Net Business

With all your devices working together, One Net Business lets your customers make just one call, but gives you many ways to answer it.

Free your team to be their best for your customers while staying in control of the cost. One trusted provider, one easy portal, and more time for your business.

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One Net mobile

One Net Express

Fixed and mobile working in harmony so you never miss a call.

Big or small, you can focus on your customers, doing what you do best.

Combine all your numbers, control your costs, and make more time to concentrate on your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between One Net Business and One Net Express?

Vodafone One Net Business replaces your office phone system and connects your desk phones with your mobiles. It combines all your communications tools into one solution that is hosted in the Cloud. One Net Express is a simpler solution that does not replace your office phone system but allows you to receive all calls including landline on the mobile.

One Net Business or One Net Express – which should I sign up for?

It’s really down to what suits your business. One Net Business is for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to simplify their communications systems in an affordable way. It is Ireland’s first truly unified solution and will transform the way you work.

One Net Express gives your business the opportunity for your mobile employees to be professional and efficient, whether they’re in or out of the office, by allowing customers to phone a landline number and still reach a mobile worker

Why use a hosted service instead of a phone system (PBX) on site?

Managing comms shouldn’t be a dark art - with One Net point-and-click-management, controlling customer calls is easy.

But that’s not all:

  1. There are none of the costly maintenance fees that you have to pay when you have an on-site PBX.
  2. Vodafone owns the network end-to-end so you get a more seamless user experience.
  3. As One Net is hosted in our network you don’t have to worry about security or resilience.
  4. With One Net you have the flexibility to easily adapt your comms – we manage the system, you manage the features.

Which is the most resilient type of business phone system?

As the One Net system is hosted in our network, all it takes is a quick call to Customer Services, or an action on the Feature Management Portal, to transfer all calls from one office site to another or have mobile calls answered in the office, as you wish.

However, with traditional on-site based telephony, if there is a problem at a site or with your connectivity, those calls will simply fail and your customers may think you have stopped trading and could go elsewhere.

Why choose One Net over another hosted phone system?

Vodafone One Net is the only hosted phone system that truly integrates your mobiles. That's because Vodafone manages both the mobiles and the phone system. No other provider combines these. For example; fixed providers can control the phone system but don’t have the mobile network, whereas mobile operators typically don’t have their own fixed line services, these are often provided by a third party.

This integration of communications allows seamless management and transfer of calls between fixed and mobile and, uniquely, a single voicemail between them. You are using just one supplier – so one bill, and one point of contact.