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Working at Vodafone

Grainne McMahon - Legal

"I am at my best when I am empowered to develop the skills and obtain the qualifications required to excel in my career as a solicitor. Vodafone operates in a fast-paced industry where every day I am presented with new responsibilities and challenges that give me the opportunity to put these skills into practice."

Patrick Carberry - Brand & Sponsorship

"I am at my best when delivering highly engaging experiences to our customers, through music and comedy festivals, sporting events and so much more. Being part of building an engaging brand makes working for Vodafone very exciting."

Leigh Spollen - Internal Communications & HR

"Coming through the Graduate Programme at Vodafone, I have grown and developed through the guidance and support of a great mentor and buddy. As a result of this and a lot of hard work I have been lucky enough to land my dream job. Doing what I love allows me to be at my best."

Fergal Campbell - Mobile Solutions Consultant

"I am at my best when I’m helping customers overcome challenges to become a Ready Business. Working in collaboration with our customers to deliver complex solutions but also a great experience is what Vodafone is all about."

Kalle Kauppila - Commericial & Pricing Executive

"I am at my best when enabled to adapt and learn quickly when faced with new challenges. An entrusting culture - paired with the diversity and drive of a global company - are not only why I chose Vodafone Ireland, but also why I’ve been successful in delivering within it."

Donnacha McCarthy - Network Optimisation Engineer

"As someone who’s visually impaired I consistently rely on technology to enable me to do my work on a day-to-day basis as well as stay connected with my colleagues and friends. Joining Vodafone as a graduate I was provided with the necessary technology empowering me to do my work both assuredly and in an efficient manner. We’re at our best when you’re at yours."

Rebecca Blair - Content Marketing Executive

"Vodafone allows me to be at my best by encouraging a healthy work life balance. Being able to work in a flexible way empowers me to be more productive. The Vodafone Wellness programme provides subsidised healthy lunches, mental health education, and a company gym."