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Vodafone Home Phone and Broadband charges

These out of bundle charges apply if you are on the following Vodafone Home plans:

  • Home Unlimited
  • Home Essentials
  • Simply Broadband
  • Vodafone Talk
  • LightSpeed Broadband

RATES AS OF JULY 4 2014 - VAT INCLUSIVE. All rates are in euro cent per minute unless otherwise stated. Calls are rounded up the nearest minute and cent. All calls are charged per minute unless otherwise stated.


 EveningDaytimeWeekendSetup chargeMinimum charge
MOBILE SATELLITE SERVICE702.42702.42702.420.000.00
Tesco Mobile22.0022.0022.009.80.00
three Network22.0022.0022.009.80.00
Eircom mobile22.0022.0022.009.80.00
Imagine Mobile22.0022.0022.009.80.00

Local & national

 EveningDaytimeWeekendSetup chargeMinimum charge
VODAFONE DIRECTORY80.3180.3180.3180.310.00
Eircom - 19010.
BT - 19040.
Meteor - 19050.
SwiftCall - 19060.
Vodafone - 19070.
Chorus/NTL - 19080.
O2 - 19090.
Callsave - 18500.
VOIP CALLS IRELAND4.504.504.509.800.00
Perlico - 19120.
Three - 19130.
Eircom PYG 18914.504.504.509.800.00
Eircom PYG 18924.504.504.509.800.00
Eirpage 8214.504.504.509.800.00
Eirpage 8224.504.504.509.800.00
Anytime Dial-Up4.504.504.509.800.00
Local Rate access4.504.504.509.800.00
Perlico Internet1951951959.800.00
Universal Access Service1951951959.800.00
BT Dialup Surf No Limits0.
BT Dialup Netsmart0.

International rates

 EveningDaytimeWeekendSetup chargeMinimum charge
UK fixed lines12.0012.0012.009.80.00
UK mobile2929299.80.00
Europe fixed lines3030309.80.00
Europe mobile4040409.80.00
East Europe fixed lines3030309.80.00
East Europe mobile4040409.80.00
USA & Canada fixed lines12.0012.0012.009.80.00
USA & Canada mobile1212129.80.00
Australia and NZ fixed lines3030309.80.00
Australia and NZ mobile4040409.80.00
Rest of the world fixed lines1951951959.80.00
Rest of the world mobile1951951959.80.00
  • UK - United Kingdom
  • Europe - Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus (excl. Cyprus (Turkey)), Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine & Vatican/li>
  • East Europe - Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia & Slovenia
  • USA & Canada - United States of America & Canada
  • Australia & NZ - Australia & New Zealand
  • Rest of the world - Rest of the world (including Azores, Cyprus (Turkey), Canary Islands, Cuba Guantanamo Bay, Midway Islands, Wake Island

All calls include a setup fee of 9.8 (incl VAT) unless stated otherwise.

Call barring charges

Charge ConnectionMonthly
Temporary off serviceTemporary off service€24.58€0.00
Outward service barredOutgoing calls barred€24.58€4.61
Freefone accessFreefone access€24.58€3.06
Inward service barredIncoming calls barred€24.58€3.99
PRS+ISD+XCH+STD barredPremium rate , international , calls barred€24.58€3.99
PRS+ISD+XCH barredPremium rate & calls barred€24.58€3.99
PRS+ISD barredPremium rate & calls barred€24.58€3.99
PRS+mobile barredPremium rate & mobile calls barred€24.58€3.99
PRS barredPremium rate calls barred€0.00€0.00

Other charges

Wireless ModemFrom free, subject to 18 month contract
Replacement modem€60.00
Landline connectionStandard cost €50.00, but free if landline is already in place
Installation feeNon fibre Vodafone packages (up to 24Mbps): Free
Vodafone fibre broadband packages: free on 18 month contract, €39.99 on 12 month contract
Engineer modem installation (optional/if requested)From €30, subject to a 24 month contract
Missed engineer appointment€25
DisconnectionIf the customer terminates the contract after expiry of the cooling-off period, but during the minimum term, the customer shall be required to pay a fee equal to the monthly commitment multiplied by the remaining months of the minimum term.
Service Upgrade€0.00
Service Downgrade€25.00
PC Protection(1 licence)€2.99 per month.
Paper bill€2.00 per bill. Vodafone reserves the right not to apply this charge to packages provided prior to 01 September 2010 that do not include a fixed broadband service.
Paper copies of bills€2.00 per bill copy, provided at the customer's request.
Direct debit failure€5.00 per direct debit failure, where such failure is not attributable to Vodafone.
Late payment fee€10.00 per event.
Standard phone / DECT handset rental (effective 17/02/2014)€2.82 per month (VAT inclusive).
Modem non return fee - devices issued before 11/01/16€30
Modem non return fee - devices issued on or after 11/01/16€60
TV equipment non return fee€175

Call management services

ServiceConnection / SetupMonthlyCheckCancellationCall charge
Call forwarding€0.29€0.00€0.14€0.00The appropriate standard call charges will apply to the call forwarded portion of the call
Number diversion service€36.30€10.15€0.00€0.00The appropriate standard call charges will apply to the call forwarded portion of the call
Call waiting€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00 
Three-way calling€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00Normal charge for each element of 3 way call
Abbreviated calling€0.14€0.00€0.14€0.14 
Hotline service€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00 
Call answering€0.00€1.46€0.00€0.00 
Family Mailbox€0.00€2.20€0.00€0.00 
Caller display€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00 


 EveningDaytimeWeekendSetup chargeMinimum charge
VOIP CALLS IRELAND4.504.504.509.800.00
INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM702.42702.42702.420.000.00
PREMIUM 1560180.00180.00180.000.006.70
International Freephone Service0.
MOBILE SATELLITE SERVICE702.42702.42702.420.000.00
PREMIUM 15110.
PREMIUM 15120.
PREMIUM 15130.
PREMIUM 15140.
PREMIUM 15150.
PREMIUM 15160.
PREMIUM 15170.
PREMIUM 15180.
PREMIUM 152030.0030.0030.000.006.70
PREMIUM 153050.0050.0050.000.007.00
PREMIUM 154070.0070.0070.000.007.00
PREMIUM 1550120.00120.00120.000.007.00
PREMIUM 1560180.00180.00180.000.006.70
PREMIUM 1570240.00240.00240.000.007.00
PREMIUM 1580295.00295.00295.000.007.00
PREMIUM 1590350.00350.00350.000.007.00
PREMIUM 1598350.00350.00350.000.00350.00
PREMIUM 1599350.00350.00350.000.00350.00