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Home Phone & Broadband Add Ons and Accessories

We have a great range of extras to help you get the most out of your Vodafone Home plan, like improving your WiFi connection or security online.

Improve your WiFi and extend your Broadband connection with Powerline

If you have a WiFi ‘dead zone’ in your home, have signal interference or need an extra boost of signal in a specific room, WiFi boosters and extenders are the answer. Simple to set up, and once paired, can be moved around the home wherever you need them, you’ll be able to get the most of your Wifi.

Need a more reliable connection than WiFi can deliver, but your modem is on the other side of the house? No problem - Powerline is super easy to install. It plugs into the existing electrical wiring in your home to deliver internet connectivity to rooms that are too far from the router to run a wire or get a wireless signal. You can place the powerline adapter anywhere with an electrical plug socket and enjoy seamless networking across your entire home or office.

Go to our accessories store to find out more or buy any of these accessories.

Improve your WiFi and extend your Broadband connection with Powerline

Stay safe online with Vodafone PC Protect

Search, shop, download and email securely with no fear of nasty Internet threats. Vodafone PC Protect gives you the peace of mind you need to feel safe and sound online.

  • Protects against all computer viruses, spam email and dangerous programs. With automatic updates it keeps you protected from new threats as they arise.
  • Keeps small children and teens safe from inappropriate content, monitors their usage and locks specific users out of the internet.
  • Automatically tells you which websites are safe and which to avoid.
  • Prevents spam emails.
  • It won't slow down your computer and there are no contracts so you can opt in or out anytime you like.

Vodafone PC Protect is only €2.99 a month.

Vodafone PC Protect

Interested in Vodafone PC Protect? Call us on 1800 805 014 or request a call back and we'll call you or visit any of our Vodafone retail stores.

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