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Vodafone and Young Social Innovators in 3 year partnership

Young Social Innovators

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We are inspired by the potential in the young people of Ireland, they have boundless energy, creativity and optimism, they see solutions where others see barriers. But these young people are being disproportionately affected by the recession; the effects of which are contributing to health and social problems and a growing feeling of disillusion.


This partnership marks a focused commitment from the Vodafone Ireland Foundation to 16-24 year olds in Ireland. By combining Young Social Innovators’ successful education programme and inspiring vision with Vodafone’s finances, people, technology and expertise we can work together to build an Ireland where young people are empowered and their voice is heard. We believe social innovation led by empowered young people can help lead Ireland out of crisis and that this future starts here.


Philanthropy Ireland 1% National Giving Campaign

Through our partnership, Vodafone Foundation has been selected by Philanthropy Ireland as a 'best practice' example of a corporate with a charitable giving policy. Supporting the partnership through our people, our technology, our finances and our brand to help achieve the joint goal of 100,000 Young Social Innovators in Ireland by 2015.


As part of this campaign, a TV ad was broadcast between 14 October and 17 November, featuring our CEO Anne O'Leary and Young Social Innovators from Collinstown Park Community College, Clondalkin.

More information on Collinstown Park's CAST film festival project aimed at raising awareness of mental health and promoting work carried out by local and national organisations can be found here.


Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators is a youth organisation that believes in the power of young people to bring about change in their communities and wider society. Founded in 2001, the organisation focuses on bringing social innovation to young people through education. The programme is currently rolled out in over 200 secondary schools across Ireland. See the Young Social Innovators website for more information.

Vodafone Ireland led by our Foundation has committed to supporting youth for the next 3 years and so we are helping them upscale their programme to enable 100,000 young people to have taken the course by the end of 2015. The web project is a key deliverable of the programme as currently all project plans are sent in hard copy to YSI, and there is no social network ability between the pupils and teachers participating on the course. This would allow for best practices to be shared and ultimately increase the benefit to the societies these schools are helping