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Vodafone Foundation how we support

ISPCC Childline

Social Innovator

Social Innovator

Connecting for good

Vodafone Social Innovator of the Year competition aims to bring the Foundation Group strategy of ‘Connecting for Good’ into our workplace.




Find out why we've created a suite of 'support emojis'.

Employee volunteering

Matched funding

We make it easy for our staff by matching any funding they raise and donating paid company hours to support their volunteer efforts.

Handset recycling

Handset recycling

Handset recycling

You donate your old handset and we donate its value to the ISPCC.

World of Difference

Discover your true calling

Supporting social change

Provides outstanding individuals the opportunity to work for a charity of their choice.

Our stories

matched funding

Employee fundraising

Read about our employees fundraising and how our matched funding programme doubled their efforts.