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Ways to top up

With Vodafone pay as you go, it's easy to make sure you're always in credit. There are a huge number of ways to top up - take a look and see which suits you best.

Top up online

Quick top up

Top up online now with your credit card.

My Vodafone

Top up online on My Vodafone with a credit card. You can register your card details if you don't want to re-enter them every time you top up.

AIB online banking

Register with AIB's online banking service and top up directly from your account.

Bank of Ireland 365 Online

Register with Bank of Ireland's 365 Online banking service and top up directly from your account.

Permanent TSB

Register with Permanent TSB’s OPEN24 banking service and top up directly from your account.

Top Me Up

You can ask for credit from a friend if you're running low - simply send your friend's number to 50228. Learn more about the Top Me Up service.

Banking text top up

You can top up text with Bank of Ireland, AIB and Permanent TSB. Learn more about banking text top up.

Customer Care

To top up with your credit card, call us on:

  • 1747 - if you're calling from a mobile
  • 1850 20 40 20 - if you're calling from a landline

Top up at an ATM

Bank of Ireland

If you're a Bank of Ireland customer, you can top up at any Bank of Ireland ATM. Just select "Other services", then "Further services" to top up.


If you're an AIB customer, you can top up at any AIB Banklink machine. Just select "Mobile Top Up" from the main menu.

Permanent TSB

If you are a Permanent TSB customer, you can top up at any PTSB ATM. Just choose Mobile Top Up on the Select Service screen.

Top up in a shop

You can buy a top up voucher at any one of over 7,500 retailers nationwide - including any Vodafone store. Simply dial 1741 and key in the code from your voucher.

Top up from abroad

Topping up from abroad has never been easier. You can:

  • Top up online at my Vodafone
  • Use our Top Me Up service
  • Freephone Customer Care on +353 1 203 8232

In many countries you can also top up with a voucher just like you would at home. Buy a voucher from a local store, dial 1741 and select option 3 for "Topping up from abroad". View the list of countries where top up vouchers are available.

Using IOU – emergency credit

When you run out of credit and can't top up, you can get a €2 call credit IOU from Vodafone. Simply text IOU to 50223.

Learn more about IOU.


How long is my top up credit valid for?

When you top up, you can make calls for six months and receive calls for 8 months.