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Remote server access

Easy to set up, easy to use and cost effective. Our remote server access, called Teleworker, works for all kinds of business


We can provide secure access to your business's internal networks and applications. That means you or your employees have the freedom to work from anywhere.

With teleworker, you can access your networks securely and easily, using any broadband product, including mobile broadband.

How remote server access works

You need to be on one of our single line and broadband packages or mobile broadband. We can set up your office with a total communications package that is perfect for your particular business.

Once you subscribe to the teleworker add on, we'll send you a link via email where you can activate your service.

These are the steps to activation, which will all be detailed when you sign up:

  • Enter the email address and password of the person who will manage the service
  • Enter the subscriber number
  • Download and install the VPN Agent software on your network
  • Create users and set up user devices (computers or smartphones)

What remote server access costs

Teleworker is an add on to our single line and broadband packages. It's just €15 extra per month.

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