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Best Symbian phones for business

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia’s flagship smartphone, the Lumia 900 has a stunning 4.3" touchscreen, 8MP Carl Zeiss lens camera, impressive battery and head turning looks. The vivid AMOLED display & Windows® Phone combine to make this a joy to behold.

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Symbian phones

What is Symbian?

Used mostly by Nokia but also other great phones, Symbian is the most widely used smartphone platform in the world.

What can Symbian do? (video)

The power to do more

If you need to multitask while on the go, then this incredibly bright operating system will let you get the most out of your device with the least amount of fuss. Check email, use business apps, browse the web – all at the same time – it’s no problem on a Symbian phone.

Multiple home screen pages

With multiple personalised home screens and the new Symbian turbo-charged graphics architecture, it’s never been so easy to create the look you want for your smartphone. Discover new widgets easily, organise them over as many pages as you want, and connect as many email accounts, news feeds or even weather forecasts as you like.

Quick access to content

With fast flip scrolling, single tap control, swipe between screens, and pinch to zoom – the Symbian interface is intuitive and responsive. Visual multitasking also allows you to see open apps and switch between them with a swipe of your finger.

Make it yours

If you have a Nokia Symbian phone, you can download apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store, including business apps, Ovi Maps, the Nokia Music Store and more.

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