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Switch from pay as you go to bill pay

When you move from Vodafone pay as you go to bill pay, you'll get the latest smartphones and even more calls, texts and data.

Why switch to Vodafone Bill Pay

1. Never run out of credit again   

Unlimited minutes and texts, international minutes and loads of data.

2. The latest smartphones   

We've got a huge range of smartphones for you to choose from - whatever platform you need, we've got you covered.

3. Keep the same number   

Switch to bill pay without the hassle of having to get a new number.

4. Worried about commitment?   

All the benefits of bill pay on a flexible contract - choose a 30 day or 12 month contract.

5. It's easy   

When you move to Vodafone Bill Pay, you can bring all your credit, contacts and Cherry Points with you.

Ready to switch?

Get the perfect bill pay plan and smartphone.


Choose your bill pay plan first

Choose a Vodafone RED plan that suits your needs - then pick your new smartphone.

See bill pay plans



Pick your smartphone first

Choose from the latest smartphones, including iPhone and Samsung - then find the perfect RED plan.

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Want to keep your existing phone, just want the plan?


Get a SIM only plan

Keep your phone and get all the benefits of bill pay on a flexible, SIM only contract.

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Most popular questions about moving to bill pay

What will happen to my Cherry Points when I switch to bill pay?   

You have up until the 28th February two calendar years after you earned your Cherry Points points to redeem them or they will expire. For example, if you earned Cherry Points in September 2013, you have up until February 2016 to use them. After this date they will expire.

What will happen to my remaining credit?   

If you are a Vodafone Pay As You Go customer, any outstanding credit will be applied to your bill pay account as a credit.

Will I be in a contract on bill pay? How long is it for?   

Yes, if you switch to bill pay you enter a contract with Vodafone. All RED plans run for 24 months. However there is also an option of a 30 day SIM only contract.

Find out more about our bill pay options.

How do I set up my new sim card and contacts?   

You can keep all your important contacts when you move to bill pay. Simply drop in store and we will move all your contacts to your new phone.

If you're a smartphone user, you can download the Vodafone Contacts app. With our handy app, you'll always be able to access your contacts on any device.

To get started with your new SIM, just stick your new phone on charge and pop in your SIM - or the new SIM we send you if your new phone needs a different sized card.

Can you explain my bill and monthly charges?   

With bill pay, you'll never have to worry about running out of credit ever again. Each month we'll send you a text with your balance and let you know your bill is ready to view online. Watch our video guide for a simple explanation of everything you need to know about your bill.

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