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Perfect Fit

Our Perfect Fit plans include anytime, any network inclusive minutes. So you have the freedom to use your phone day or night to call anyone on any Irish network.

Price planMonthly feeFree call minutesAdditional callsBonus
Perfect Fit 30€19.313041c50
call a friend for free minutes
Perfect Fit 100€29.4810035c50
call a friend for free minutes
Perfect Fit 200€49.8120030c100
call a friend for free minutes
Perfect Fit 400€70.1440025cFree Vodafone to Vodafone calls for life
Perfect Fit 600€100.6460023cFree Vodafone to Vodafone calls for life
Perfect Fit for Family 250€70.4425030cFree Family Calls
Perfect Fit for Family 450€101.0545027cFree Family Calls
Perfect Fit for Family 650€131.6765025cFree Family Calls

Family plans offer the following:

  • Free family calls between everyone on the same Family Price Plan
  • Anytime, any network minutes for your family to share. Free call minutes are used on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Keep it simple with one single bill for the whole family
  • Take advantage of special family text add ons

All prices include VAT

With all Perfect Fit bill pay plans, you get:

  1. No extra charges for calling at peak hours or to other Irish networks:
    •   Your free call minutes can be used to call any Irish number any time.
    •   After you've used your free call minutes, you get a flat rate for all national calls. This flat rate applies anytime to any network.
  2. Free voicemail
  3. Text messages for 16c, picture messages from 25c (depending on size)
  4. You can carry over any unused minutes to the next month (up to the same number of monthly inclusive minutes as in your price plan)

View more details on call costs.

Complimentary bonus

Depending on your plan, you get one or more of the following bonus options:

  • Call a friend for free: free minutes to call your favourite Irish Vodafone mobile
  • Free Vodafone to Vodafone calls for life: all your calls to Irish Vodafone numbers are free. .
  • Free Talk 300: every month you get 300 free minutes to call Irish landlines from 6 pm to 8 am (our off peak hours)
  • Free family calls: unlimited free calls between all members of your family plan

Great value add ons

With Perfect Fit plans, you can change your price plan and your add ons every month.

Show more about all the bill pay add ons

Add onPrice
100 SMS€8.35
200 SMS€12.45
400 SMS€20.75


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