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3G Specific Legacy Tariffs

Connection and migration to this plan is no longer available. The tariff is displayed here for information purposes.

€70.14 per month includes:

  • 300 minutes of national voice calls at any time, day or night, to any Irish numbers
  • 100 Call a Friend for Free minutes to one registered Vodafone Ireland number
  • Free Voicemail
Price (VAT inclusive)Peak
Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
All other times
To Vodafone Ireland mobiles20c20c
To Irish landlines20c20c
To Other Irish mobile numbers20c20c
Text messages13c13c

Please Note:

  • When you have used up your Super Time minutes you will be charged a flat rate of 20 cent per minute to any network, any time.

Carrying over

  • Unused inclusive minutes can be carried over to the next month, up to the same number of monthly inclusive minutes in the price plan.
  • Unused Call a Friend for Free anytime minutes cannot be carried over to the next month.

Change monthly

  • You can switch between options from month to month, as your needs change.


  • Prices are displayed per minute unless otherwise stated, calls are charged on a per second basis.
  • Each International text message sent costs 25c.
  • Rates shown are charged once your inclusive minutes have been used.
  • International rates are to nominated countries.
  • Premium rate numbers and 1800 numbers can't be used within your inclusive minutes.

Using your minutes

  • You can also use your inclusive minutes to call WAP and Vodafone ISP
  • We may reduce charges or rebate customers for any dropped calls at our discretion.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • Price plans are available to customers with 3G mobiles only.