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Bill pay add ons

Our bill pay plans come with loads included, but if you need more, you can add extra international minutes & data, or get Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium. Just buy an add on to tailor your plan how you want it.


If you're an existing bill pay customer, you can sign up for an add on through My Vodafone. If you're thinking of switching, you can choose your add ons when you sign up for a new bill pay plan. And don't forget—you can add or remove your add ons each month, as you like.

More data  

Out of plan data charges

If you go over your plan's data allowance, you'll be charged a per MB charge for any additional data usage. Charges depend on your current price plan.

Your data charging will depend on what plan you are currently on:

Vodafone RED plans
3c per MB
Vodafone RED Extra plans
1.5c per MB
Vodafone RED Connect plans
€2 per 200MB in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA & Canada for the first 8GB of out of plan data. Additional use will be charged at 1c pr MB in Ireland, 6c in UK, Europe, USA & Canada. You’ll pay 12c per MB for Rest of World Destinations.
All other bill pay plans
2c per MB

Manage your plan details in My Vodafone.

30 Day Instant Data

Need more data right away? We'll automatically send you a text when you're almost out of your monthly allowance, giving you the option to buy an instant data bundle. Just send an SMS back, and your extra data will be added to your account.

For our 1GB data bundle, free text MOREDATA to 50226. You'll receive a confirmation text once the bundle has been applied.

€8 for 30 days

For our 3GB data bundle, free text MOREDATA3 to 50226. You'll receive a confirmation text once the bundle has been applied.

€15 for 30 days

Add a data bundle to your monthly plan

Our monthly add ons are automatically added to your account every month. You can manage you add ons in My Vodafone at any time.

Choose from:

€5 a month
€8 a month
€15 a month

Data roaming

Get unbeatable value when you travel in Europe, with RED Roaming. Bring all your usual calls and texts on holiday, plus get 200MB of data—all for just €2.99 a day.

Additional Add Ons   

Keep your existing bill pay plan and get either a Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV entertainment pack.

Log in to My Vodafone, or freetext EXTRA to 50221 and start enjoying loads of music or sports today!

  • Spotify Premium and 150MB extra data - €5.99 a month
  • Sky Sports Mobile TV - €5.99 a month
    If a customer is on an 'extra' tariff and has selected Sky Sports Mobile TV pack 1 as their included content they can upgrade to Sky Sports Mobile TV pack 2 for €7.00 a month
  • Backup+ | 25GB additional Dropbox storage - €1.99 a month

More international minutes   

100 minutes
€5 a month
200 minutes
€8 a month
350 minutes
€12 a month

More international texts   

100 texts
€3 a month
Unlimited texts
€6 a month

Insurance add on   

€5.99 a month
€12.99 a month
Damage Only
€9.99 a month