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Safety Net

Worried about who can contact you or your child's mobile? With our Safety Net app, you can block numbers and filter inappropriate content from Android phones.

Safety Net from Vodafone Ireland

What is Vodafone Safety Net?

Mobile phones can be incredibly useful for parents and children. But research shows that problems can arise with messages from bullies, for both children and adults. With this in mind, we developed the Vodafone Safety Net app with cyber bullying expert, Dr. Stephen James Minton.

Safety Net is a free Android app which allows you to manage your, or your child's, phone connections. You can block calls and messages from specific contacts and disable the use of features such as the camera and the Internet.

We provide an access control system that filters out inappropriate Internet content for users registered with Vodafone as under 18. Our filtering system is maintained by one of the top classification companies in the world, which assesses millions of websites.

We're also a member of the Irish Cellular Association Association (ICIA), an alliance of all of the mobile operators in Ireland who together developed the Mobile Parents Guide.

How do I get Vodafone Safety Net?

The Safety Net app is available on Android phones. Download from the Google Play store or text SAFETYNET to 51745 from the phone you want to manage.

Safety Net terms and conditions.