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Special needs

At Vodafone we aim to make our technology accessible to people with special needs who may specifically benefit from our innovative technologies assisting them in their daily lives.

Options and handset features you may find useful if you are blind or partially sighted:

  • Braille bills - which can be requested by contacting 1907.

  • Phones with large, well-spaced keypads such as the Nokia 3510i.

  • Raised dot or dots on or around the number '5' - help you navigate the keypad.

  • Audio feedback - makes a sound when you've pressed the keys.

  • Back-lit keypad - makes it easier to see the keys.

  • Contrast or brightness control on the phone's screen e.g. Nokia 7100 series.

  • A large clear screen display Changing Font Size - enables you to select a larger text size for the screen.

  • Voice Tagging and Voice Dialling - allows your phone to add a spoken name to phonebook entries so you can dial contacts by speaking the person's name.

  • Profiles - enable you to assign different ring-tones to different groups of people or individuals.

  • Audible low battery indicators - make a sound when the battery is running low.


Handset Features you may find useful if you are deaf or hard of hearing:

  • Vibra-Alert - makes the phone vibrate whenever you're receiving a call or a text message.

  • Flashing Alert - flashes keypad and display when you're receiving a call or a text message.

  • Predictive Text - enables you to type text messages more quickly by referencing a dictionary that contains commonly used words.

  • Tactile feedback lets you know when you've pressed a key.

  • Changing Ringtones enables you to find the ringtone frequency and volume that's best for you.

  • Hearing Loops for customers who have a hearing aid with a 'T' setting. These cut down background noise, and reduce interference by enabling you to keep the phone away from the hearing aid. E.g. Nokia LPS3, LPS4.