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Helping the environment

We’ve gathered a few tips on how we can work together to help the environment

Goodbye paper bills, hello trees

We're committed to reducing our impact on the environment and helping our customers to do the same.

As part of this commitment, we've launched our campaign 'Goodbye paper bills, hello trees' to encourage all our bill pay customers to switch to paperless billing.

  • For every 72 customers that switch, we've pledged to plant a new one. We'll be planting forests in each province of Ireland, and you'll be able to track how your province is doing and find out how many people are switching through our facebook page

Switch off your paper bill today

Bill pay customers can reduce paper waste now by:

Top up online

Pay as you go customers, if you Top up online not only do you get 20% extra call credit but you are also helping save our environment by not printing a paper receipt.

Recycle your mobile phone

At Vodafone, we believe that by working together we can make a real difference to our environment. That's why we've set up recycling containers in more than 100 Vodafone stores around the country.

Just got a new phone? Head to your nearest participating store and place your old mobile phone in the recycling container. We'll dispose of these phones in an environmentally safe way.

All proceeds raised go directly to fund the Irish Heart Foundation Helpline. This helpline is a dedicated lo-call number offering confidential medical advice to support patients and their families who are living with a heart condition or stroke. The helpline answers approximately 2000 calls a year from people who suffer from heart disease and stroke.

Recycle your fixed line modem

WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) disposed of to landfill, incinerated or recovered without any pre-treatment has potentially serious consequences for the environment and human health. You will find a crossed out wheeled bin symbol on the base of the product. The symbol means that the equipment should not be disposed of with general household waste.

There is no disposal charge for end of life Electrical Electronic Equipment returned to Vodafone or deposited at civic amenity sites. Vodafone will accept old modems on a one for one basis (must be equivalent type and have fulfilled the same function).

Play your part by:

  • Not disposing of this equipment with your general household waste
  • Bringing this product or the product it replaced to your civil amenity site at end of life for recycling or alternatively
  • Post or deliver within 30 days to;

    Vodafone Product Disposal,
    c/o DPD Ireland,
    Athlone Business Park,
    Dublin Road,
    Co. Westmeath.

    See here for list of Civic Amenity sites accepting WEEE.

How do I switch off my paper bill?

Bill pay customers -  reduce paper waste now by either

How do I top up online?

If your a pay as you go customer just follow this link to Top Up online.

How do I recycle my mobile phone?

Find the nearest store to you with a recycle bin.